Just Ducky - Accessories

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About this item:

The most perfect pale yellow that reminds you of sweet soft little ducklings.  It's positively quacky!


Accessories: earrings &/or Scarf

Want to showcase your love of yarn and add to your accessories?  Choose from a light and warm scarf in one of the brilliant colorways, or a pair of mini-skein earrings...or both!  We won’t tell.

Earrings are handtwisted by Team Oink, they are light and comfortable.  Surgical steel latch-back hooks ensure your skin stays happy and you never lose these earrings. These earrings measure roughly 1.5" from the drop to the bottom of the skein, and are approximately 2.5" in total.

Scarves are made of 100% Habotai Silk and measure 21” wide by 72” around, so they’re the perfect length for draping artfully around yourself or doubling up for cooler days.

These come in the colorway Just Ducky