Team Oink

Established in 2010, Oink Pigments is a purveyor of small-batch, hand-dyed yarns in Vista, CA and Indianapolis, IN. We are a team of strong-willed humans who love pigs, puns, and purls. We have over 160 bright and playful colorways, available on over a dozen yarn & fiber bases.

We make every effort to insure our company is a welcoming, safe space for marginalized folx.
Take a peek at our Code of Conduct for more details.

Alexa Wilson (she/her)

Alexa learned to knit in 2009, and knew from the moment she picked up the needles that she wanted to build a career in the fiber arts industry. She started dyeing in 2010, and has been in love with adding a bit of color to life ever since. Alexa continues to work hard to grow Oink Pigments, along with the rest of Team Oink, embarking on an incredible adventure through the yarnisphere. You can find her on the couch starting another new project, or buried under doggos, but probably both.

Helena Bristow (she/they)

Helena has been Vice Pigmentologist at Oink Pigments since its inception in 2010. She learned to crochet at age 4, and taught herself to knit when she started graduate school for the first time. She often jokes that “knitting stuck; grad school did not” -- Helena has now dropped out of two different graduate programs because she would rather be playing with yarn. Helena can usually be found driving all over the country in her yarn van, to fiber festivals and local yarn stores.

Julie Julie Gillespie (she/her)

Julie Gillespie keeps things running as Chief Oink Operator and head of Social Media & Marketing. She started knitting in 2007 on a whim and has been collecting different crafty skill sets ever since. Julie first joined Team Oink at Stitches West 2015, and was immediately informed that she was never allowed to leave. She can be found manning the Oink Pigments social media accounts, surrounded by a grumble of pugs. Founder of Sparkle Saturday, she always encourages others to shine bright.

Harper Hodes (they/he)

Harper has been a member of Team Oink for a few years now, and loves helping customers pair colors. They have been knitting since they were in high school and are strongly involved in advocacy for mental health issues, the LGBTQIA+ community, and disability access. Harper is a process knitter who enjoys color work, but much prefers petting and buying yarn to finishing projects. They can often be found in their wheelchair at the Oink booth reminding people to hydrate.