We selected skeins that we feel best represent each colorway for our images, but every monitor displays color differently, and with hand-dyed yarns, variation can occur from lot to lot or skein to skein, so your skein(s) will be unique.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT JEWLS, GUILD COVEN: These bases take dye differently due to their plant fiber content. They will appear more heathered, and therefore less saturated, than a base that is predominantly superwash wool.

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Blackberry Brambles - Yarn

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About this item:

For life in the PNW, there aren't many fruits that scream summer louder than blackberries.  The soft slightly dusty smell of the leaves, the lush dark berries hiding between sun dappled leaves. 

This yarn evokes all the lovely colors of Blackberries and their foliage without any of the thorns.  Smudges of berry, rich leafy greens, bright teals balanced against peeps of natural wooly cream make this colorway a delight to work with.