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Targhee Pigtail: Dyed to Order

Targhee Pigtail: Dyed to Order

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Dyed to order items will leave our studio after they are dyed, approximately 3 weeks after they are ordered.


Specifications: Each Targhee Pigtail is a mini-skein of Targhee Sock, approximately 25g/100yds of a 3-ply blend of 90% Superwash Targhee and 10% Nylon. The yarn is 100% grown, processed, & spun in the USA, and is hand-dyed by the Oink Pigments team in Vista, CA or Indianapolis, IN.


Be sure to check our In Stock - Targhee Pigtails to see if we have the color you're looking for. If not, we're happy to dye to order as many Targhee Pigtails as you need for your project. 


For more information about our yarns and fibers, take a look at our Product Information page.

We selected skeins that we felt best represented each colorway for our images, but every monitor displays color differently, and with hand-dyed yarns, variation can occur from lot to lot or skein to skein, so your skein(s) will be unique. Contact us if you have any questions.