Through The Clouds Shawl by Rachy Newin

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Through The Clouds Shawl by Rachy Newin

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It’s been cold and dreary for days and days, and the only thing getting me through has been gorgeously bright (and deliciously warm) crochet accessories. The Through the Clouds Shawl is perfect for when the gloom seems never ending - it’s designed to explode with color and the cashmere is all kinds of cozy.

Simple stitching and clever striping combine to make a totally unique accessory with the Through the Clouds Shawl. The pattern uses just sc and ch, but combines them in unusual ways to make an eye-catching shawl that’s a delight to work up and to wear. The stitch pattern is spectacular and worked up like this it almost resembles the brioche stitch in knitting.

Yarn, yardage, and colors
When worked as stated, the pattern uses about 400yds of color A, 200yds of color B, and 240yds of color C. If you’re customizing the pattern and want to calculate your own yardage, color A should be approximately half your total yardage. Colors B & C combined should make up the other half of your yardage. In other words, you’ll want approximately equal amounts of color A (your main color) and all contrast colors. Then, figure out what color you’ll want to use for your edging. Add an extra 5% of the total shawl yardage in the color you’ll be using for your edging. As always, I recommend erring on the side of caution and buying slightly more yarn than you think you’ll need in every color.

The pattern is specifically designed to use up variegated! Choose your favorite variegated and pick two tonal contrasts, or choose a solid as color A and pick two solids as contrasts, or choose a solid as color A and use one solid and one variegated as a contrast.