It's been a little busy...

Tomorrow is the Solstice, literally the darkest day of the year. From here on out things get brighter. San Diego’s approximation of “winter” has fully descended upon us, which means we are in a brief and magical time in which handknits can be worn indiscriminately and bulky-weight sweaters and arm-knit blankets sound like genius ideas. I just finished a long-sleeved version of Ysolda’s Blank Canvas in Oink Pigments Sport and I’m impossibly proud of this sweater. It’s been doing a wonderful job keeping me cozy (and fits PERFECTLY).

The holidays are in full swing, which means that the busy Fall yarn festival season has come and gone. There are only five shopping days left until Christmas, if you count today and Christmas Eve, which is when all the real celebrating happens in my family. At Oink Pigments, we are knee deep in executing our plans for TNNA and Stitches West. Unfortunately our approach to yarn show preparations mirrors that of the Christmas knitting schedule -- we always seem to think there are more hours in the day or days in the week than there actually are. Luckily we have a few extra weeks to get everything finished, but this year we have signed on for Vogue Knitting Live in New York, so when the show floor closes at TNNA, we will have less than 48 hours to pack everything up, organize, re-assemble, and get on a plane to the other side of the country.

Our studio whiteboards are covered in to-do lists, with a wide variety of tasks in varying stages of completion, none of them as far along as they should be at this juncture. We periodically text sections of these lists back and forth — we use (and love) Wunderlist, but somehow our brains can’t quite grasp the magnitude of the tasks at hand unless they’re written out on the whiteboard. Yesterday Alexa and I realized that we have over 1,000 skeins of yarn to dye, hank, tag, and pack before January 4th. The worst part is that most of the items on these lists are super-duper tip-top secret, and can’t be revealed until after TNNA. But, in the words of the Yarn Harlot, wool as my witness, we’ll get it done. Here are a few wee snippets (no spoilers!)


It won't QUITE arrive by Christmas, but if you're looking for an ever-so-last-minute gift for a knitter in your life, or if you need something extra special for yourself to cast on once the last Christmas knit is off the needles, check out our new Yarn Fairy shop for a selection of ready-to-ship hand dyed one- or few-of-a-kind beauties. They're priced at a discount AND they ship out within two business days via USPS first class mail, so you'll get them in no time. Quantities are limited and these colors are non-repeatable, so if you see something you love, snag it up quick!

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